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Stephanie Van de Motter brings more than 20 years experience in the real estate industry.  She has become a go-to expert for developing strategies and tools that empower multifamily owners to execute tremendous growth.  She excels in building fully furnished scalable programs that provide more choices and flexibility for residents.


The development of a successful initiative takes time, resources, focus, strategy, and commitment.  Stephanie helps define the required moving parts and develop the plan to bring it all together. She shows you exactly how and what to do and take the necessary steps to create and simplify programming, streamline operations and boost revenue.


One of the most valuable assets that Stephanie brings to the table is decades of experiences of what works and what does not work.  She helps you avoid costly mistakes that save you time and money as she provides oversight to execute end-to-end execution of your project successfully.


We excel in GTM strategies, finding the right messaging that fits the market & product, and getting new businesses off the ground.

Almost every business today faces significant strategic challenges. The path to creating value is not always clear.  Our mission is to help you connect with customers in a way that makes you stand out in your industry.  We help you create your unique position in the marketplace and fortify it by identifying strategies that provide value for your customers to gain a competitive edge and support sustainable business growth for your company.

We can help if you answer No to any of the questions below:

  1. Does your company culture place the customer experience as your highest priority and reinforce this approach throughout your sales marketing, and operations strategies?
  2. Do you have a value proposition that distinguishes your products and services from other companies to make you stand out in your industry?  
  3. Do you understand your competition, how you stack up against them, where they're heading, and what they're doing (good and bad) that you are not? 
  4. Are you taking advantage of significant trends as new competitors, technologies, products, and services appear every year? 
  5. Do you have the capabilities in place to successfully deliver on your strategic intent?
  6. Do you have a clear and transparent method for measuring results that everybody utilizes and understands?

We Excel In Exceptional

Customer Experience Strategies


Stephanie Van de Motter hired, coached and led a team that ranked #1 in the Irvine Company's apartment portfolio of 44,000 units in overall customer satisfaction for ten consecutive years during the annual customer satisfaction survey administered by the independent consulting company, Kingsley Associates. 

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Stephanie Van de Motter


Our Process

A genuinely winning company manages itself around a few strategies and deliberately integrates them into everything they do. We help you craft a customer-centric approach that addresses pain points throughout the customer lifecycle (pre-sale through post-sale) to build trust, create efficiencies, provide practical solutions, and create customer loyalty. 

Research & Discovery

Branding Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Strategic Growth Plan

Rollout Plan 

Measure Results


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